September 13, 2016 (Midland, Texas) – The Midland City Council and the Midland Development Corporation (MDC) approved two agreements with LeoLabs, Inc., a company offering space debris tracking services.
The city of Midland has executed a License Agreement regarding city-owned property for the use of LeoLabs.
The MDC has entered into a promotional agreement with LeoLabs, Inc., which will include advertising and publicizing for the City of Midland for the purpose of developing new and expanded business enterprises.
LeoLabs, Inc. is a dedicated to protecting satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). LeoLabs is building a world-wide network of radars to track space debris and prevent collisions. The space industry is growing rapidly as technology developments enable new services to be offered from space.  Many new satellites will be launched over the next few years to provide imagery, communications, ship tracking services, weather data, and more. Space traffic congestion is a significant issue that will become more pressing as more satellites are launched and the amount of space debris grows due to collisions and satellite breakups.  
The CEO and cofounder of LeoLabs, Dan Ceperley, said, “[We are] excited to work with the City of Midland to deploy the Midland Space Radar, the first radar purpose-built for commercial space debris tracking services.”
The Midland Development Corporation (MDC) promotes the City of Midland and incentivizes qualified employers who create and retain a diversified job market in the greater Midland, Texas, region. MDC promotes business expansion and job creation through an established business climate and a strong community. MDC is an effective steward of sales tax revenue to efficiently grow Midland’s economic stability and the quality of life.

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