Latin Cheese Company Cacique Investing in Amarillo

June 3, 2021

by Drew Powell
ABC 7 News

The Chief Executive Officer of Cacique Mr. Gil de Cardenas stands next to a design of what is coming into Randall County and will employ around 200 people once operational (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

Cacique, LLC held a groundbreaking in Randall County on Thursday to celebrate opening the company’s first facility in Texas. The largest producer of Latin cheeses in the United States is going to double production with a new plant opening.

“We are building a site here to manufacture Queso Fresco or cheese, creams, and yogurts all dairy products," said Gil de Cardenas, CEO of Cacique. "We are not having any cows on-premise. I know some of the neighbors were concerned about that. Were buying raw milk from local dairymen outside the city, We will bring it in, process it here and from here it will go basically to the entire country.”

Amarillo beat out 118 sites in nine states to land Cacique’s new dairy processing facility that will employ around 200 people.

“I think it’s the environment that we have," said Kevin Carter, CEO/President of Amarillo EDC. "it’s just west Texas and that Panhandle Spirit that we all talk about and they felt that from the minute that they got here.”

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